is a unique way to have fun with Cryptocurrencies. We have several lines of resin collectibles including Old World Witches (coming soon), Old World Santas, Uncle Sams (coming soon) and other fun things, including our extraordinarily fun product called CryptoThingys. And all our collectibles are Made in the USA.

Please read our FAQ, below, for more info.

Q: Can you give me the TLDR on, please?

A: Sure. is the Crypto collectibility arm of Great American Collectibles. Great American is a resin collectibles company that's been in business since the 80s. We have recently launched a unique feature related to our collectibles. This is a first of its kind in the collectible space (that we're aware of). We embed an NFC chip into our collectibles and on that chip is registered a certain number of Crytocurrency that will forever be attached to that piece of art. We are doing this for our traditional resin collectibles like our holiday Old World Witches and Old World Santas, but we are also launching an entirely new resin collectible in the shape of a coin. It will feature memes and colorful art and themes, that you can collect. And each will be worth the Cryptocurrency embedded onto the NFC chip as well as whatever premium the market places on the collectibility and scarcity of each character and color combination.

Through, Great American Collectibles is moving Cryptocurrency into the mainstream. You no longer have to have a broker or Crypto exchange account or prove who you are (KYC) in order to play in the Crypto space. Welcome to the future of Crypto collectibility.

Q: Can I create my own custom designed CryptoThingys?

A: Yes. Just send us a high res image in the shape of a circle through our “Contact US” form and we’ll send you an invoice for the minimum purchase of $500 of your CryptoThingys. That can be in any combination you want. From one (1) Hero copy to twenty-five (25) Daisy copies. Then you will earn 10% royalty on the Collectible surcharge portion (the total minus the Cryptocurrency portion of the sale) on all sales of your CryptoThingys, until they are sold out. However, if any are redeemed for fiat in the future, we'll debit your portion of that redemption (10% of the Collectible surcharge) to your account and deduct it before any future earnings for your CryptoThingys.

Q: Am I actually buying Cryptocurrency when I purchase one of your collectibles?

A: No. You are buying a collectible designed to be traded, bought and sold between collectors. The value of the collectible has several variables. Scarcity, demand created by popularity as well as the amount of Crypto “embedded” into the resin. It is always better to buy and sell between collectors as it doesn’t trigger any taxable event related to Cryptocurrency buying or selling. But it’s nice to know that at any time in the future you can always redeem it for the amount of Cryptocurrency attached to the collectible. CryptoThingys are not only redeemable for the embedded Cryptocurrency, but also the additional amount you paid for it (Collectible surcharge) when it was initially issued/purchased, minus a 25% restocking fee assessed on the Collectible surcharge amount.

Q: If I do redeem it in the future, how would I do that?

A: Package up the collectible nicely (so it's not damaged in transit) and send it (with a tracking number) to the following address:

Order Dept
PO BOX 272
HIGLEY AZ 85236-0272

Be sure to include your contact info including your email address, mobile phone number and your mailing address. Please DO NOT forget to include that information.

Q: Are there any fees associated with redeeming the Cryptocurrency value directly from you?

A: There are two possible fees. 1) When you redeem a collectible for its associated Cryptocurrency value, we have to liquidate that amount of Crypto associated with the Collectible to fund that portion of the buyback and that will cause a taxable event for us. The fee we assess will always be whatever the current tax laws require related to Cryptocurrency taxes. This will also depend on how long it’s been since the Collectible was issued, too. The time period between the time we purchased the Cryptocurrency on the day it was purchased and the time you send it in to be redeemed, will dictate different rates based on short or long term capital gains. We will always be transparent about this and never try to assess more fees than it costs us to redeem the Crypto. But this is why it’s a good idea to buy and sell between collectors as there is no taxable event related to the sale of Crypto assets because you’re not actually buying and selling Crypto when exchanging hands between collectors. 2) For CryptoThingys (only), we will also buy back the amount that was paid above the Cryptocurrency portion (Collectible surcharge), minus a 25% processing fee, calculated off the portion that excludes the Cryptocurrency amount. PLEASE NOTE: Always consult a tax specialist when dealing with any collectible sale or purchase. Especially if it is a high value asset. THIS IS NOT TAX ADVICE.

Q: How do I know if my collectible is counterfeit or not?

A: We give instructions on your collectible’s authenticity certification page (that you come to when you scan the collectible with your phone.) It is nearly impossible to counterfeit our collectibles when you factor in the NFC technology PLUS our own internal security counter measures.

Q: Can I buy your collectibles anonymously?

A: If you purchase our collectibles from our online store, it’s impossible to be anonymous, of course. However, if you wish to pay cash, you can. But only up to $500 per order. You can send us a note of what item(s) you wish to order and what address you want it sent to. That order can be sent to:

Order Dept
PO BOX 272
HIGLEY AZ 85236-0272

If the order is for more than $500, we will send the order back to the address you provided, along with the money. Please know that sending cash through the mail is legal. However, it is NOT the safest thing to do. If you do it, please wrap the cash in several pieces of folded paper and always send it via registered mail, if at all possible.

Q: Do I have to register my collectible once I receive it?

A: You don’t have to register it. However, there are benefits to registering your collectible. If you don’t register it within 30 days of the order being shipped, we will classify it as Unregistered. Unregistered collectibles can still be redeemed now and into the future for their assigned Crypto value. But it can be redeemed by anyone. If someone steals it from you, they can redeem it because we have no way of accounting for the Provenance of the collectible. If it is Registered, we know who owns it and so if it’s lost or stolen, we can render that copy of your collectible null and void and simply issue you another one to replace it (for a nominal fee). Also, when you want to trade or sell it, the value is greater if you are able to transfer ownership from yourself to the new owner, through our website. So having your collectibles registered is a REALLY good idea. However, it’s not necessary in order to collect our collectibles. And you will always be able to redeem it, irrespective of its registration status.